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With over 11 years experience in Software Development, Systems Engineering and Software Architecture including designing and developing enterprise class, mission critical,and secure systems for Norwest Bank and Dow Corning; E-Zing Technologies has the expertise to help your company organization.

Our experience includes unique solutions: a unique 3-way (web, desktop, PDA) syncing product, the first wireless entertainment resource on the market, web calendar / contact management , dynamic websites, and multicast streaming audience management systems.


E-Zing Technologies

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General Information: info@e-zing.net
Design Consulting: design@e-zing.net
Turnkey Solutions: product@e-zing.net
Development Consulting: dev@e-zing.net

217 T Street North West
Washington, DC 20001
p.877.288.8821 / 202.462.1108
f. 202.462.4406

Part of Washington, DC's Historic Ledroit Park.

Cinque (briard puppy) and childEvery day is take your dog to work day at E-Zing. Cinque, a Briard Puppy, is the office mascot.

We also welcome our young neighbors who love to play on our computers.

Partners & Links
Interact, Inc.
Web Hosting, Network Configuration, and Wiring.

The Watchful Eyes
Telecommunication Services morepartners & links

E-Zing In the Community

E-Zing was founded with a mandate to succeed while serving the community. 10% of all billable hours are donated to charities either direct monetary contributions or services.

We've worked with the following non-profit organizations : Children's Defense Fund's Langston Hughes Library, We Feed Our People -DC, Fihankra Place, and Zeta Phi Beta Sorority to help them utilize the web to bridge the digital divide and make our community a better place.

The E-Zing Methodology
Object Oriented • Universal Design • Model Driven • Technology Fitness

Object Oriented Design - to speed development and ease maintenance, and promote reuse. Component based development and using proven techniques, design patterns, UML diagrams, and ERD data models create scalable, maintainable, quality, and timely systems.

Universal Interface Design - allowing multiple interfaces and accessibility by the largest audience.

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