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The products and services we provide are with the needs of small to medium sized business in mind. We help ease business problems with technology solutions.

We leave you with a complete solution for today and a framework for tomorrow.



Bridging the Digital Divide:
The Internet has the potential to broaden the lives and increase the independence of people with disabilities. Those who have difficulty leaving their homes can now log in and order groceries, shop for appliances, research health questions, catch up with old friends, and make new ones. Past reports on the Internet use of the disabled showed that gaps in computer and Internet use based on disability status are just as large as those based on race and ethnicity.

Celebrate the one-year anniversary of Section 508:
Our CTO Erika Peace will be a guest speaker at Columbia Lighthouse for the Blind's 508 Open House.

Partners & Links

Columbia Lighthouse for the Blind.
Independence Is our Vision.
CLB's programs and services include early intervention services, training and consultation in assistive technology, career placement services, comprehensive low vision care and a wide range of rehabilitation services.

Bobby Worldwide is a tool for Web page authors. It helps them identify changes to their pages so users with disabilities can more easily use their Web pages.

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Accessibility and Section 508 Solutions

Technology has the power to improve lives...Everyone's.

Accessibility Product Line:

Our products go beyond Section 508. We create our accessible websites using Section 508, W3C's WAI guidelines as well as advice from non-profit organizations specializing in the needs of the disabled.

small white square Configurable dynamic web sites architected with Universal Access as a key requirement. Use pre-built or custom templates can be created to present the same information multiple ways - text only, web page, and WML-WAP (wireless).

small white square Accessibility Evaluation & Consulting We help you determine where you are today and put in place a plan for getting to a fully accessible web site emphasizing the priority items that get you biggest accessibility "bang for the buck".

small white square Website Conversion we will create an accessible website based on your current design.

Want to know more about accessibility and the Web?
Hooks vs. OKBridge
Is Your Site ADA-Compliant ... or a Lawsuit-in-Waiting?

Still have questions or need help getting your company's web sites accessible? access@e-zing.net or call 202.462.1108.

Contact your legal advisor for legal advice regarding specific requirements under the ADA.

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