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The products and services we provide are with the needs of small to medium sized business in mind. We help ease business problems with technology solutions.

We leave you with a complete solution for today and a framework for tomorrow.



Software Components/Turnkey Solutions
The benefits of using a component based approach are several:

  • Re-usability
  • Specialization - you focus on your business needs.
  • Upgradability - you can upgrade components without impacting the rest of the application
  • Quality - your new application has the benefit of using component that have been tested and proven.
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More about Software Components

Building Systems From Commericial  Components Book Cover

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Turnkey Solutions
Architecture & Design
Custom S/W Development
Technology Fit
Complete Web Solutions
Accessibility / 508 Solutions

Turnkey Solutions
Pre-Built Software Solutions and Components available for licensing

Often we find that solutions we've built are applicable for other clients and/or industries. We make these available for you to license as either an ASP Solution (hosted on our servers) or Installation on your own servers.

Dynamic Websites Database
Our dynamic website solution is flexible enough to be incorporated into a number of different applications.

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